Mining lease covering an area of 107.24 Hectares was granted in favour of Sri Bhagabat Mohanty in December 1952 by the erstwhile ruler of Sukinda. A host of aspirants prospected trial pits in the said area. But their quest for encountering rich chrome deposit failed which forced them to abandon the area. Sri. B.C. Mohanty too did not get any better result by prospecting, still inspiringly, stuck on to the area and got the lease granted in his favour for 20 years from the Central Govt. of India on 22nd February, 1968. Subsequently, this mining lease was transferred in favour of M/s B.C. MOHANTY & SONS PVT. LTD. on 5th MAY 1981. The company since then has been managed by the following Directors




  • Late Sri Bhagabat Charan Mohanty (First Odia Engineer, contractor and Entrepreneur. Foresight of an able businessman and founder of M/S B.C. MOHANTY & SONS PVT. LTD.
  • Late Nishamani Devi : Actively participated in freedom struggle, a social worker, an able homemaker, wife of late Sri B.C. Mohanty, founder of M/s B.C. MOHANTY & SONS PVT. LTD.
  • Late Purna Chandra Mohanty : A sportsman and a treasure-house of information on innumerable subjects.
  • Late Prakash Chandra Mohanty : A Law-graduate and post-graduation in Economics, having tremendous knowledge in Law, Principles and functions of Money & Banking, a Santa Claus for the economically background section of the society.
  • Mr. Priyabrata Patnaik , A retired IAS Officer; has always been the mind, body and soul of the company.
  • Mr. Siddhartha Mohanty
  • Mrs. Jyotsna Mohanty, A homemaker whose timely advice has always been an asset for the company.
  • Mr. Abhishek Mohanty
  • Mrs. Leena Pattanaik
  • Mr. Udayan Mohanty